March 13, 2014 Commitment, Confidence, Learning



This word is one that so often brings up resistance.  We hear it all the time when it comes to relationships.  Today, I want to talk about it with numbers.  My mentor always says, no matter what always hit your numbers.

What I have found is that in order to do this, it’s not just about working harder – which has always been my answer to everything.

Learning how to commit for me has been a journey of letting go.  It is very much a journey I am still on, and every day I am provided with the opportunity to learn more.

Learning how to let go of what it has to look like.  What it has to feel like.  What it has to sound like.

Learning how to listen better, not only to those around me, but also to that inner voice.

Learning to trust myself and take that next step.


You see commitment is really all about your personal growth – whether it is in numbers or whether it is in a relationship.  When we take a step back and hold a mirror up, we can see what we are really committed to by what has happened so far.

For most of us it takes an outside set of eyes and ears to help us to see what is really in the mirror versus what we often tell ourselves.

Always hit your numbers no matter what.  What does that mean to you?  Leave us a comment and share with us your journey!

In Abundance,

Sue Thompson
Financial Management Expert


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