Happy Holidays
December 12, 2018 Change, Decision, Entrepreneur, Finances, Journey, Money, New Beginnings, Numbers, Plan, Seasons

Christmas Bells Are Ringing

Happy Holidays

Christmas bells ringing in the background…

Do they bring feelings of hope and joy?

Is it a time of reflection as the year is coming to a close, thinking through the things to celebrate and the things that will become priorities for the New Year?

Is it a time of frustration wishing things were different this year than they have been in the past?

Whatever it is for you, know that you can make a decision to accept things as perfect just the way they are.

Or you can get curious about what the best next step is for you. Then find a method of mapping out next steps.

There are so many great ways to map out next steps – find the one that would be fun for you.

Of course I have a bias to doing it with numbers.

There are many benefits, the most important of which is having a baseline from which to make decisions with each month.

Would you find it valuable knowing what to say yes and no to?

How about having a way to support your decision making, so you know that you are staying on track for the goals that you have?

What about having a crystal ball to see what your cash flow is going to look like, so you can stay in front of it instead of feeling like you are behind it?

Or maybe you have learned to love numbers like I do and love having a way to stay connected with them!

If you want 2019 to feel differently than it does this year, I invite you to decide what you will do differently in order for that to happen?

If connecting with your numbers and your money is a part of that picture for you, let’s talk and together we can determine the best next step for you to begin that journey.

May you enjoy the Christmas bells as they ring this year!


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