April 23, 2015 CFO Agency

Change is in the air…

Change is in the air….


Spring is always such a fun time of the year.  Things begin to grow again in the gardens.  In our Montana mountains, there are days of sunshine and days of snow mixed in with days of rain.  Dressing in layers is important, and for those of us who are soooooo ready for the weather change, we begin wearing our sandals regardless.

Another thing that happens of course is the days are getting longer.  With more day light comes more energy, and I think this is where the urge for spring cleaning comes in.

So how does spring cleaning affect your finances?

We find a lot of our clients are finally ready to be truly done with the prior year.  All those lingering questions finally get answered and final reporting can be created.  I wonder if this is why the IRS chooses April for tax time?

It is also a good time to clean up any money clutter you may have going on, so you can move into second quarter without any chaos.   The best way I know of to handle money clutter is to make a decision and take action.

Who owes you money?  Who do you owe money to?

Clean out the drawer of unopened statements.  Send off the pile of cash receipts to your bookkeeper.

Is it time to look at your balance sheet and make sure your investments (your business of course being one of your biggest) are still on track for your wealth development goals.

Money loves attention!  And it will get your attention one way or another.

When you are dealing with money clutter on a regular basis then the flow of money will get stuck.  Are you ready to be in the flow again?

Make a list of where you are stuck with money.  Then reach out and get the help you need to get back into the flow!  If we can help in any way, that is what we are here for.

Get really clear on the highest and best use of your time, honestly.  If you are finding yourself dealing with your money clutter late at night or on the weekends then let’s talk now and see how we can best serve you so you can get back in the flow.   Book an appointment here.

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