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If you are ready to confidently accelerate your business and your lifestyle then you will want to join us for the ultimate high level money management event.  Fill out the application above to begin the process towards financial freedom.

Managing money is not what is looks like and feels like, managing money is how it works.

Event Main Topics

Money Management & Systems

Systems are what make the process of business easy. We will teach you our money management techniques to keep your cash flow in check, and your money working for you instead of you working for it.

Wealth & Legacy Strategies

There are benchmarks of wealth development. Learn where you are on the spectrum and the steps that are best for you to take given where you are today and the goals that you have.

Money In Action

The game of Money Management has distinctions like any other game. This is a highly interactive day where the rubber meets the road so you can put your learning into action,having experiences that will cement your learning so that you can use them again and again long after the retreat.


If you feel like you continue to waste your time and money trying the next best marketing strategy or you feel like you’re flying by the seat of your pants, then this event is for you.  In this three day retreat, we will get connected with your money so you can stop feeling the stress from not managing it in the way that you want to.  We will dive deep into money management strategies that can get you right on track with your ideal business and your ideal lifestyle.  Get rid of the “being stuck” feeling and explore the opportunity that is before you today.  Imagine being able to live a life on your terms, on your hours, in your design.  These are just some of the benefits that you will realize by participating in this money management event.  Come prepared to learn, but more importantly, come to master money.



SUE THOMPSONFinancial Expert

Sue Thompson teaches entrepreneurs and individuals financial management for future wealth.  It is her dream that everyone lives a life of Financial Abundance with Abundance defined as "the ability to do what you want to do when you want to do it without worrying about the cost".  Money is an incredible teacher and tool in our lives that touches every area of our life.  Sue is passionate about money working for you instead of you working for money.

As the founder and CEO of The CFO Agency and creator of The Mastery of Money Institute, Sue knows firsthand the importance and power of connecting with your numbers.  In this three day event, you get to work exclusively with Sue and her 30 years of financial experience.  In which, Sue will teach you valuable financial lessons to live your life by and run your business with.

Sue is a strong believer in systems and will teach you how to create a step by step plan, analyze, and adjust your plan to keep you moving forward.  Using her Business and Psychology degrees, her continued financial certifications and her Associate in Ministry training, Sue has worked with business owners and investors internationally to help them transform their relationship with money and create both long term sustainable businesses as well as long term sustainable personal wealth.