October 7, 2014 Abundance, Accounting, CEO Club, Learning, Wealth

CEO – Confidence, Excitement, Ownership

CEO – Confidence, Excitement, Ownership

This week members of our CEO Club will be coming to Montana for a two day financial intensive.

As we are preparing for their arrival, I am watching how each of them prepares to arrive.  In our world at Abundance Accounting there is no right or wrong,  only curiosity.  Are the actions that I am taking getting me to where I want to go, in the way I want to go and in the time frame I want or  not?  It is only from a space of self love that we are able to honestly answer those questions.

How do you make decisions and take actions?

Do you plan and take steps early so you leave plenty of time for adjustments?

Do you think about it for a long time and then act at the last minute?

Do you try a whole bunch of things all at once and hope one sticks?

Do you enroll others to help or do it all yourself?

Do you note it and then wait to the last minute in case something better comes along, often times ending up doing nothing?

It is interesting all the different ways we can make decisions and take action.  When it comes to the arena of money, I find that many people tend to think, “Oh when I have money I will learn how to deal with it.”

Here is the truth.  You do have money.  My guess is you have been dealing with it for a very long time.

So here is the question:  Are you creating and keeping it or is it flying right through your hands?

This week our CEO’s will be learning how to create and keep money.  I am excited!

There is still plenty of time left in 2014 for you to do the same!

In Abundance


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