May 4, 2017 Dreams, growth


This weekend we will be traveling to Bozeman to celebrate with my daughter as she graduates from Montana State University. As a proud parent, it is such a joy to celebrate this accomplishment on many levels.

When Sarah began her journey, she was very clear on the reason why she was doing it. The investment of time, energy and money would be great, as her desire is to become a veterinarian. There were some known things like 8-9 years of schooling and living away from home. And then as she began her journey came the unknowns that life always seems to present to us.

Of course, it is the unknowns that stretch us into becoming the person we are meant to be in order to fill the desires of our heart.
AND having clarity in our why is what gives us the courage to stretch.

As you look at the journey of beginning your business what were the things that you knew?

What is your why and is it clear enough that you have truly been willing to be stretched as is needed to achieve your dreams.

You see the unknowns will always be present. Life will always bring us situations and people that at first will have us wondering how did this happen.

AND as we are willing to stretch and grow through these things then life opens for us in ways that we never could have imagined.
So, as I celebrate with my daughter this weekend I will also be celebrating each of you and your dreams and your growth!


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