Sue Thompson March 9, 2020 CFO Agency, Coaching, Peace of Mind, Systems, Training

Lessons Learned From Travel

Lessons Learned from Travel As many of you may know, I have been on the road since the 8th of February.  By time you read this on March 12, I will be just arriving home again.  ...

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Sue Thompson October 2, 2019 CFO Agency, Coaching, growth, Plan, Training

Birds-Eye View of Your Business

Are you ready? We woke up to snow on the mountains Saturday and 40-50 mph winds of cold air out of the north!  Sunday there were snow flurries in the air. Brrrrrr! We were not ...

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Sue January 19, 2017 Training, Wealth

I Am Ready For More!

Thank you to those of you who completed our quick survey!  I’m on a mission to help you Get Right With Your Money this year and your answers are what will let me know the ...

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Sue Thompson April 2, 2015 Confidence, Finances, Freedom, goals, Money, New Beginnings, Training

Are You Stuck At 6 Figures?

Are You Stuck At 6 Figures? I was for a long time. For many years I grew my business using the traditional model of charging by the hour.  If that is your model as well then you ...

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Sue Thompson March 19, 2015 Abundance, Coaching, Training

Making money is the easy part…

Making money is the easy part ….   It’s keeping it that is more important. AND making money work for you instead of you working for it, that is more important still! ...

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