Sue Thompson August 21, 2014 Abundance, Accounting, Finances, Plan, Timeliness, Wealth

An Entrepreneurs Best Friend!

An Entrepreneurs Best Friend! Want to know the secret to running a successful business? Systems I know some of you just checked out on me, but stay with me for a minute. Systems ...

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Sue Thompson July 24, 2014 CFO Agency, Coaching, Life, Systems, Teacher, Timeliness, Value

Ready to Earn What You Are Worth?

Ready to earn what you are worth? One thing I often see with women owned businesses is that charging what you are worth is a challenge. I find that part of the reason for this is ...

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Sue Thompson June 10, 2014 Abundance, Accounting, CEO Club, Timeliness, Value, Wealth, Wealth Building

I Am Finally Free to Build My Business!

I am finally free to build my business! This is what one of my CEO clients exclaimed this week as we were talking.  From this realization her action steps were focused and ...

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Sue Thompson March 4, 2014 Abundance, goals, Timeliness, Value

Team & Support Staff

Team & Support Staff Are you supported or frustrated? As the leader of your vision and your company you are holding the bar for excellence! You set the pace, the tone and the ...

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Sue Thompson June 6, 2013 Abundance, Dreams, Money, Passion, Timeliness, Wealth

Timeliness is Always Critical

 Timeliness is Always Critical “A Weekend of planting – such fun. I know for many people just planting now seems very late. In the Rockies, where we are still getting ...

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