Sue September 15, 2016 CFO Agency, Money, Money Principles

Get Right With Your Money!

One of the things I know is that money is one of our greatest teachers.  It doesn’t matter where you are on the growth curve, there is always more to learn.  That is the ...

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Sue August 18, 2016 CFO Agency

The Mess of QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an intuit product meaning it is “intuitive” to use.  I will give them credit they have taken double entry accounting and made it “easy” to ...

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Sue August 11, 2016 CFO Agency

Entitlement or Professionalism

This week the issue of salaried people working more than 40 hours a week has come up more than once in my world – from my team, my clients, and an interviewee. I find it an ...

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Sue August 5, 2016 CFO Agency

Restless nights….

So you are making good money and…. there is still never enough.  You have followed all the latest trends when it comes to marketing and team building, yet profitability ...

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Sue July 28, 2016 CFO Agency

I’m embarrassed…..

This is a statement I hear often. It doesn’t matter whether you are a 7 figure business owner or a 6 figure business owner. It doesn’t matter if you have savings or a ...

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Sue July 15, 2016 CFO Agency

Time with Grace and Ease

  As we move into the summer months, a lot of us like to put life on automatic and enjoy the weather and time with family and friends. Do you ever wonder why some people can ...

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Sue July 8, 2016 CFO Agency

Money is a Teacher

In the years that I have been blessed to work with people and money I have found that money is one of the most incredible teachers in life. It is also one of the most ...

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Sue May 6, 2016 CFO Agency

Where Are You Powerful?

For the past year, I have been taking a number of training courses to improve my skills, so I can be a better business owner.  I truly love the work I do with my clients, and it ...

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Sue February 1, 2016 CFO Agency

Burn the Ships!

Do you remember the story about the captain who sent all of his men to shore to do battle, and once the last person had come on shore, he ordered the ships to be burned, cutting ...

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Sue January 22, 2016 CFO Agency

It’s tax time AGAIN

We’ve all heard it – there are only two things you can count on, taxes and death.  It’s interesting these two things are paired up.   What if tax time was smooth ...

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