Sue Thompson November 18, 2020 Accounting, CFO Agency, Systems, Taxes

Easy Tax Planning

What if tax time could actually be a time of ease? This is the time of year when the reality of our money management systems comes to light. This is when we discover if our ...

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Sue Thompson November 12, 2020 CFO Agency, Plan, Taxes

Year End Tax Planning

Finally, the end of the year is almost here and what a year it has been. Even the weather is doing new things, we are already in snow, talk about challenging and exciting! The ...

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Sue Thompson November 5, 2020 CFO Agency, growth, Money

The Value of Education

Is it something you invest in? I believe education is the key that will open whatever door you want to walk through which is why I invest in it heavily. As the leader of your ...

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Sue Thompson October 29, 2020 Business, CFO Agency, Coaching, Finances, Money

Is it legal?

It’s one thing to desire to make a lot of money; it’s another when it actually happens.  For each of us the number will be different, and there is a number when you finally ...

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Sue Thompson October 22, 2020 CFO Agency, Money, Perfectionism

The R Factor

What is your tolerance to risk?   Would you consider yourself risk adverse or risk tolerant? It really depends on the situation, right? For example if I were to ask you about ...

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Sue Thompson October 14, 2020 CFO Agency

Ready for filing 2020 Taxes?

Ready for filing 2020 Taxes? This year has felt like an entire year of filing taxes. With the extension of the tax deadlines and then all the stimulus funding we have spent a lot ...

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Sue Thompson October 6, 2020 Belief, CFO Agency, Generosity, Money

If You Want More of Something Then Give It Away

Have you ever said to yourself I will when…. I have more time I have more money I have more knowledge I know I have. A wise mentor of mine once told me “If you want more of ...

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Sue Thompson October 2, 2020 Bookkeeper, CFO Agency, Finances, Numbers

What Would You do?

What would you do… … if you discovered someone was stealing from you? Unfortunately, this happens in many ways and comes from the people around you that you would least ...

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Sue Thompson September 24, 2020 Accounting, CFO Agency, Finances, Money

Bankers Stink

I have a client with a big sign in his office that says “Bankers Stink”.  For anyone who is self-employed and has tried to qualify for a bank loan, while using the tax system ...

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Sue Thompson September 17, 2020 Bookkeeper, CFO Agency, Money, Numbers, Taxes

Where is Your Money Hiding?

The tax season has lasted all year this year. For some that has been a good thing, for others it simply delayed the inevitable.  The last minute scrambling is simply taking place ...

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