Sue Thompson November 29, 2018 Business, Entrepreneur, Gratitude, Money, Numbers, Plan, Responsibility, Systems, Taxes

An Effort to Love

This time of year, I am always reminded of gratitude and the importance of managing the tool of money in our lives is something that always comes to mind. Why? Because this is the ...

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Sue Thompson June 28, 2018 Business, Decision, Finances, growth, Money, Payroll, Taxes

Exponential Growth

The Money Game You are finally making consistent money and then it happens, exponential growth!  What do you need to know to be smart with your money… so you don’t have ...

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Sue Thompson June 13, 2018 Payroll, Taxes

Payroll: Are You in Compliance?

Compliance This is a word that brings up all kinds of emotions. Often it is one of concern, wondering if you are in compliance or not, and if not what are the consequences. The ...

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Sue Thompson May 15, 2018 Business, Decision, Taxes

Business Entity Structures

Have you thought about the risks and challenges of having an improperly set up entity? The true purpose of an entity is twofold: 1. Let the world know they are doing business with ...

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Sue April 12, 2018 Entrepreneur, Financial, Taxes

Powering Up Profitability: Increased Revenues with Tax Strategies

Welcome back to our series on Powering Up Your Profitability.  We are going to be sharing 5 Tips with specific action steps you can take right away!  If you missed last week ...

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Sue Thompson March 22, 2018 Taxes

Investing as a Tax Strategy

Congratulations on staying with me!  I know that if you have followed all 4 blogs of this series “4 Ways to Tame Your Tax Bill” you are serious about keeping more of the ...

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Sue Thompson March 19, 2018 Systems, Taxes

Secrets the Wealthy Know

We are getting lots of inquiries from this blog series “4 Ways to Tame Your Tax Bill” Today I’m going to share a strategy we use with a number of our high income earning ...

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Sue Thompson March 19, 2018 Cash Flow, Taxes

Keep More Money In Your Pocket

We have already covered all the dates to make sure you file on time so you won’t be subject to any penalties or interest.  If you missed last week you can READ DAY 1 HERE.  Be ...

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Sue March 17, 2018 Taxes

4 Ways to Tame Your Tax Bill

It’s that time of year again when the tax man is knocking at the door.  Are you ready? Over the next seven days I will be sharing with you “4 Ways to Tame Your Tax Bill” so ...

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Sue February 21, 2018 Taxes

Prefer an Extension

When it comes to filing taxes I find most people land really firmly in one camp or the other. File on Time or File an Extension. Truthfully there is no right or wrong answer, ...

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