Sue Thompson November 18, 2019 CFO Agency, Money, Taxes

Keep More Money in Your Pocket

Keep More Money in Your Pocket Would you rather have your money work for you or the IRS? This is the time of year when your actions can actually keep more money in your pocket! ...

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Sue Thompson November 18, 2019 CFO Agency, Taxes

Overpaying In Taxes?

Overpaying In Taxes? Are you overpaying in taxes? You may know that we provide Virtual CFO and Accounting Services, but did you also know that we have a CPA on our team who helps ...

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Sue Thompson November 13, 2019 CFO Agency, Money, Taxes

Year End Tax Planning

Year End Tax Planning Finally, the end of the year is almost here and what a year it has been. Many of our clients experienced a new level of growth which has been challenging and ...

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Sue Thompson November 4, 2019 CFO Agency, Money, Taxes

Reality Check

Reality Check Recently Netflix advertised the movie “The Laundromat” if you have not yet watched it I encourage you to do so!  Not only is it highly entertaining it will push ...

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Sue Thompson October 22, 2019 CFO Agency, goals, growth, Numbers, Taxes

Managing Your Taxes

It’s not too late to create a strategy for managing your taxes! You’ve had a great year and now the questions begin to surface… Will I be able to do it again next year?   ...

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Sue Thompson October 16, 2019 CFO Agency, Entrepreneur, goals, growth, New Beginnings, Numbers, Plan, Taxes

Close The Gap!

Close the gap! We just completed our 6th Annual CFO Players Club retreat.  A time for entrepreneurs to come together and get some work done!  We do work around money ...

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Sue Thompson August 20, 2019 Finances, Numbers, Systems, Taxes

Creating Your Financial Systems

Creating Your Financial Systems Are you feeling like it’s time to create good financial systems, but you don’t know where to even start? NUMBERS. FINANCE. SYSTEMS. TAXES. ...

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Sue Thompson July 23, 2019 Money, Responsibility, Taxes

Our Fiscal Responsibility

Our Fiscal Responsibility Every now and then I am reminded about the benefits we enjoy living in this country.   We experience freedoms that many countries are not able to ...

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Sue Thompson April 25, 2019 Accounting, Bookkeeper, Business, CFO Agency, Entrepreneur, Finances, Money, Numbers, Systems, Taxes

The Money Bucket

The Money Bucket There’s a hole in the bucket dear Liza dear Liza! Ok… maybe I’m dating myself and am sure for those of us who do remember the song it brings playful ...

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Sue Thompson February 28, 2019 Business, Entrepreneur, Finances, Financial, Money, Taxes

The Countdown Begins For Tax Extensions

  The first deadlines for filing your taxes or filing for an extension are fast approaching. March 15th: Business Partnerships and S Tax Election Entities (usually called an ...

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