Sue February 15, 2018 Taxes

Tax is now in the House!

The CFO Agency is really excited to add to our suite of services CPA and Tax Filing Services.  This natural addition to our offering of accounting services allows us to now work ...

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66Thomp December 14, 2017 Taxes

It’s Not Too Late!

There are things you can still do before Dec 31 to ensure you keep more of the money you make!  January 1 is too late! These last few weeks have been very creative with many of ...

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Sue December 11, 2017 Numbers, Taxes, Wealth

A Tax Saving Secret

If you are ready to save big on your 2017 taxes by taking really smart steps before December 31st you are going to appreciate this article. Waiting until after December 31 to ...

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Sue November 29, 2017 Numbers, Taxes, Wealth

Afraid of Your Upcoming Tax Bill?

If you are beginning to wonder what your tax liability will be this year then now is actually the time to look at your strategy for keeping more of the money you make. If you wait ...

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