Sue March 30, 2017 Finances, Money, Money Principles, Systems

Money Cycles

One of the biggest money cycles for most of us recently was the downturn of 2008.  How did you weather the storm?  I know personally I was dropped to my knees AND boy did I ...

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Sue Thompson September 24, 2015 Accounting, Coaching, Systems

It Seems To Be Unraveling…

It Seems To Be Unraveling… You know the feeling.  Things are going along great, you  are making a decision to up-level  your game and then your worst fears begin to come ...

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Sue Thompson May 21, 2015 Abundance, Joy, Life, Systems

Will I Have Enough?

Will I Have Enough? This is a question I am often asked when it comes to money. It is actually a great question and it is answered with more questions 🙂 Money is a tool that is ...

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Sue Thompson September 16, 2014 Abundance, Accounting, goals, Mindset, Money, Systems, Teacher

Could This Be You?

Could this be you? In the last month, I have had two new clients come to work with us.  Each running a multi six figure company, each with a bookkeeper in place. The reason they ...

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Sue Thompson July 24, 2014 CFO Agency, Coaching, Life, Systems, Teacher, Timeliness, Value

Ready to Earn What You Are Worth?

Ready to earn what you are worth? One thing I often see with women owned businesses is that charging what you are worth is a challenge. I find that part of the reason for this is ...

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Sue Thompson January 15, 2014 Abundance, CFO Agency, Plan, Systems, Wealth, Wealth Building

Going Alone

Are you a lone ranger?  I know for way to many years I was.  I also know that typically those were also the times when my business was not doing as well.  This is a very costly ...

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Sue Thompson October 9, 2013 Cash Flow, Chaos, Loral Langemeier, Results, Revenue, Systems, Wealth

Are you in Catch Up Mode?

Money will not come into chaos. Often when people first come to work with us they are in what I call catch up mode. Typically they have all their receipts, because somewhere along ...

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Sue Thompson June 13, 2013 Abundance, Accounting, Life, Systems

How to hire cheaper, faster — and smarter

Recruiting can take more effort than expected, but there are ways to cut the time and cost. Which lead’s me to this month’s Your Money Saving Tip article found by ...

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Sue Thompson May 3, 2013 Abundance, Cash Flow, Dreams, Finances, Money, Systems, Wealth

How is your debt load impacting your family and business life?

How is your debt load impacting your family and business life? John & Teresa, like a number of small business owners, are slowly beginning to recover from the last four years ...

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Sue Thompson April 27, 2013 Abundance, Accounting, Cash Flow, Dreams, Finances, Financial, Game, Life, Money, Passion, Rules, Systems, Wealth


Systems Whew it’s after tax day! Mary was reviewing her tax returns and she realized that not only was her home out of budget but that her business was as well. At home Mary ...

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