Sue Thompson January 9, 2019 Accounting, Bookkeeper, Business, CFO Agency, Decision, Entrepreneur, Finances, Money, Numbers, Systems, Taxes

The Tax Man Cometh!

WOW, can you believe it is that time of year again! The Tax Man Cometh soon! Over the next few weeks I will be covering the 5 Tax Mistakes Small Business Owner’s MUST Avoid! ...

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Sue Thompson November 29, 2018 Business, Entrepreneur, Gratitude, Money, Numbers, Plan, Responsibility, Systems, Taxes

An Effort to Love

This time of year, I am always reminded of gratitude and the importance of managing the tool of money in our lives is something that always comes to mind. Why? Because this is the ...

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Sue Thompson November 8, 2018 Business, Entrepreneur, Finances, goals, growth, Learning, Money, Plan, Systems

The Skills You Need In Money Management

Welcome back to the 4 Keys to Money Management series! This week we are going to look at the fourth key you need to master your Money Management… SKILLS! So, what exactly do you ...

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Sue Thompson November 1, 2018 Business, Coaching, Entrepreneur, Finances, Learning, Money, Plan, Results, Systems

Getting the Support You Need!

  Welcome back to the 4 Keys to Money Management series! This week we are diving in to what I believe is the most important key. When you wait too long to invest in it, it ...

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Sue Thompson March 19, 2018 Systems, Taxes

Secrets the Wealthy Know

We are getting lots of inquiries from this blog series “4 Ways to Tame Your Tax Bill” Today I’m going to share a strategy we use with a number of our high income earning ...

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Sue April 13, 2017 Money, Numbers, Systems

Get It Right!

The lessons can come hard and fast when it comes to money.  Just this week we had a client understand the impact of not having your numbers in order when it comes to making ...

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Sue March 30, 2017 Finances, Money, Money Principles, Systems

Money Cycles

One of the biggest money cycles for most of us recently was the downturn of 2008.  How did you weather the storm?  I know personally I was dropped to my knees AND boy did I ...

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Sue Thompson September 24, 2015 Accounting, Coaching, Systems

It Seems To Be Unraveling…

It Seems To Be Unraveling… You know the feeling.  Things are going along great, you  are making a decision to up-level  your game and then your worst fears begin to come ...

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Sue Thompson May 21, 2015 Abundance, Joy, Life, Systems

Will I Have Enough?

Will I Have Enough? This is a question I am often asked when it comes to money. It is actually a great question and it is answered with more questions 🙂 Money is a tool that is ...

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Sue Thompson September 16, 2014 Abundance, Accounting, goals, Mindset, Money, Systems, Teacher

Could This Be You?

Could this be you? In the last month, I have had two new clients come to work with us.  Each running a multi six figure company, each with a bookkeeper in place. The reason they ...

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