Sue Thompson June 13, 2019 Business, CFO, CFO Agency, Profitablilty, ROI

The Most Expensive Part!

The Most Expensive Part! There are many models when it comes to building a business; solopreneur, entrepreneur and company. The defining difference is team and team is the most ...

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Sue Thompson March 9, 2018 Cash Flow, ROI

What is your debt really costing you?

Sometimes it is lost opportunity, sometimes it is the price of interest.  What I see the most is a cashflow challenge because of the required minimum payments. Just like money is ...

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Sue Thompson October 1, 2015 Mastery of Money, Money Principles, ROI

It Is the Bottom Line After All

It Is The Bottom Line After All… So why are we in business?  Profit of course! Yet when I say that, I know there are so many people that are nowhere near having a ...

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Sue Thompson December 12, 2013 Clarity, Money, ROI

Do you have clarity on your numbers?

Do you have clarity on your numbers? I had a client ask me yesterday “Sue what is the ROI (Return on Investment) we will have if we work with you?” It was a great question. ...

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