Sue January 11, 2018 Plan, Results

Back Into It

There are many reasons it can seem challenging to plan.  For a lot of people the idea is so foreign, believing that life always just happens and we need to just go with what is ...

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Sue September 21, 2017 Abundance, Results

The Joy of Real Profitability

As entrepreneurs we love to talk about revenues.  How we are able to use the latest and greatest strategy or tactic and experience amazing return with great revenues.  Of course ...

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Sue June 22, 2017 mindset, Results, Value

My Perfect Day!

The weather here has finally hit its summer time stride!  Its when my mind turns to play and fun.  I love to work and I love to play so making sure I have time for both is ...

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Sue September 22, 2016 Abundance, Money, Pricing, Results, revenue, Wealth

I’m good I’ll just pay my tax….

Have you ever stopped to think about the power of a dollar in your pocket vs the government’s pocket? There is actually a good reason why we as entrepreneurs have so many ...

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Sue March 18, 2016 Abundance, Accounting, Cash Flow, Finances, goals, Money, Money Principles, Results, Wealth, Wealth Building

Have you paid yourself yet?

Of all the tips in wealth building, this is absolutely my favorite.  It is also the most powerful tip when it comes to building wealth.  Not only will it empower you, it will ...

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66Thomp January 15, 2015 Confidence, Pricing, Results

The Power Of Pricing

The Power of Pricing Yesterday I had so much fun during a VIP day with a client in Italy.  A woman with amazing gifts who has a heart for helping entrepreneurs to get their ...

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66Thomp September 4, 2014 Abundance, Generosity, Learning, Life, Responsibility, Results

A Joyful Experience!

A Joyful Experience! Three years ago, I went on a horse back trip into the Bob Marshall Wilderness with my daughter and some friends.  Horses have been an integral part of my ...

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66Thomp April 17, 2014 Abundance, Generosity, Money, Results

Payment with Crabs

Payment with Crabs When I was around 7 years old I remember very vividly live crabs walking around our kitchen floor.  You see, my Dad was an optometrist and he had accepted ...

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66Thomp March 6, 2014 Abundance, Bookkeeper, Cash Flow, Dreams, Money, Results

Back to Basics!

Back to Basics! I was reminded this week that when you are first stepping into business, knowing the business basics is not always a known thing.  Actually, when a lot of people ...

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66Thomp February 6, 2014 Abundance, Coaching, Confidence, Results

Stepping Up

Keep Stepping Up! When you are planning to take on a new goal or a new activity how do you go about it?  Are you a lone ranger who likes to figure everything out on your own?  ...

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