Sue January 25, 2018 Decision, Dreams, Finances, Financial, goals, Plan

Would You Like a Crystal Ball?

Are you the kind of person who wants to know the sex of a new baby before it is born or do you prefer the mystery and anticipation of not knowing? Are you one who is diligent ...

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Sue January 18, 2018 Dreams, Entrepreneur, Financial, goals, growth, Plan

Planning for Your Best Year Yet!

One of the lessons I’ve learned in life is that when it comes to our money we need to be in the driver’s seat.  The world of finance is always changing and can often ...

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Sue January 11, 2018 Plan, Results

Back Into It

There are many reasons it can seem challenging to plan.  For a lot of people the idea is so foreign, believing that life always just happens and we need to just go with what is ...

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Sue January 4, 2018 Financial, Plan, Uncategorized

Are You Ready?

Happy New Year!  I hope you had an amazing Holiday Season!  I just returned from a week in sunny Florida spending time with family.  We had a family reunion, first time in 6 ...

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66Thomp July 30, 2015 CFO, Change, Plan

Want To Be Part of the 94%?

  When it comes to operating a business with confidence the area of money is one that most people feel ineffective in.  According to APQC, 60% of business owners feel that ...

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66Thomp June 25, 2015 Abundance, Accounting, Finances, Financial, Financial Literacy, Plan

Are you actually reading your reports or…

Are you actually reading your reports or… Do you get monthly Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports from your bookkeeper, and yet you never really know what to do with ...

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66Thomp March 11, 2015 Abundance, Create, Plan

A Commitment Of Great Proportion

A Commitment of Great Proportion When we are starting out on any new journey there is always a lot of hope, excitement  and anticipation.  This month I will be embarking on a ...

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66Thomp August 21, 2014 Abundance, Accounting, Finances, Plan, Timeliness, Wealth

An Entrepreneurs Best Friend!

An Entrepreneurs Best Friend! Want to know the secret to running a successful business? Systems I know some of you just checked out on me, but stay with me for a minute. Systems ...

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66Thomp July 3, 2014 Abundance, Accounting, good debt, Gratitude, mindset, Plan

What Would You Do If You REALLY Knew?

What would you do if you REALLY knew? Do you like to know or do you prefer to not to? I know there are some people who prefer never to really know because ignorance can be ...

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66Thomp June 26, 2014 Abundance, Accounting, Passion, Plan, Teacher, Wealth

Guiding Steps

Guiding Steps I did my first 5K today and had so much fun and was so proud of myself!  I went into the race with a lot of self doubt and disappointment.  I was disappointed ...

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