Sue Thompson November 27, 2014 Abundance, Accounting, Cash Flow, Money, Passion, Value, Wealth

Who Do You Identify With?

Who Do You Identify With? So you want to make more money. WHY? Imagine your life with no money issues.  You have a consistent flow of money coming in that is greater than any ...

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Sue Thompson November 6, 2014 Change, Dreams, goals, Journey, Passion

Dreams Do Come True

Dreams Do Come True Have you had a dream come true?  I know I have. Typically for me, it is a very exciting and humbling time. This year for our company has been one of building ...

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Sue Thompson September 9, 2014 Abundance, Accounting, Life, New Beginnings, Passion, Peace of Mind, Seasons

A Curious Mind

A Curious Mind   Wow, did your summer fly by as fast as mine did? Here in Montana, the fall is creeping in really quickly this year.  We even had snow in the mountains ...

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Sue Thompson June 26, 2014 Abundance, Accounting, Passion, Plan, Teacher, Wealth

Guiding Steps

Guiding Steps I did my first 5K today and had so much fun and was so proud of myself!  I went into the race with a lot of self doubt and disappointment.  I was disappointed ...

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Sue Thompson June 11, 2014 Abundance, Accounting, Money, Passion, Wealth Building

Fun In The City!

Fun in the city! Ken and I had so much fun in Seattle.  I have always loved a road trip, I find it is such a wonderful way to unwind.  There is nothing that has to be done ...

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Sue Thompson June 3, 2014 Abundance, Accounting, goals, Journey, Passion, Wealth Building

How Fast Are You Rolling?

How fast are you rolling?  Have you ever tried to push a large object straight across the ground?  Or perhaps up a hill?  The hardest part is at the beginning when you are ...

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Sue Thompson March 19, 2014 Abundance, Dreams, Passion

Pink Sky

Pink Sky Have you ever marveled at the amazing beauty of the sky in the morning or in the evening when it turns that beautiful shade of pink?  It causes me to pause and smile and ...

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Sue Thompson February 5, 2014 Abundance, Journey, Life, Passion, Results

Power of Water

This week I am in San Diego to spend time with my mentor and to meet with my Mastermind group.  On top of all the amazing learning and new relationships I will experience I also ...

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Sue Thompson November 6, 2013 Abundance, Dreams, Game, Mastery of Money, Passion, roadmap

You are always at choice!

Feedback is a marvelous thing. Thanks Sue, I definitely found some resonance in this talk. This was very helpful. Thank you for this gift. It lets us know the way others perceive ...

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Sue Thompson October 23, 2013 Financial Literacy, Free Gift, Gratitude, Mastery of Money, Passion, Results, Revenue, roadmap

Your Roadmap to Financial Independence Today!

Today I have the privilege of sharing with you the connections that I have been making over the last three months!  We know that our network plays a big part in our net worth and ...

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