Sue Thompson June 25, 2020 Business, CFO Agency, Money, Plan

Want A Crystal Ball?

Are you the kind of person who wants to know the sex of a new baby before it is born, or do you prefer the mystery and anticipation of not knowing? Are you one who is diligent ...

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Sue Thompson June 15, 2020 CFO Agency, Money, Taxes

Time Is Drawing Near!

Time Is Drawing Near! As part of the federal government’s tax relief measures  during the COVID-19 pandemic, the IRS extended key deadlines. The new deadline for filing the ...

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Sue Thompson June 9, 2020 CFO Agency, Money, Money Principles, Numbers, Plan

Set Yourself up to WIN!

What will set you up to win no matter what happens? Did it come in? For those who applied for the SBA Economic Injury Loan you are probably receiving emails to either accept loan ...

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Sue Thompson March 15, 2020 Business, Entrepreneur, Money

Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

Like-Minded Entrepreneurs The Lead Her Up Retreat in Florida was another great success this year.  It is by far the most influential  retreat I have attended . A piece of what ...

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Sue Thompson February 9, 2020 CFO, CFO Agency, Money, Payroll

Are You Paying Yourself Enough?

It’s time to pay yourself! Are you paying yourself enough? We are wrapping up our series “5 Tax Mistakes Small Business Owners MUST Avoid” with Mistake #5:  Not Paying ...

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Sue Thompson January 29, 2020 Business, CFO, CFO Agency, Money, Taxes

DIY is the Kiss of Death

DIY is the Kiss of Death How hard can it be, really?   Do you find yourself thinking this as you sit down to begin working with all the year end tax filing deadlines?  After ...

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Sue Thompson January 15, 2020 CFO Agency, growth, Learning, Money, Numbers, Taxes

5 Tax Mistakes Small Business Owner’s MUST Avoid

The Tax Man Cometh again!! Yes it is that time of year again!  Over the next few weeks I am going to cover the 5 Tax Mistakes Small Business Owner’s MUST Avoid! Mistake #1 – ...

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Sue Thompson January 7, 2020 CFO Agency, Money, Plan

Planning For Your Money

Planning For Your Money What if you could have more money without… Increasing your income Reducing expenses Growing your business Reducing your lifestyle It is truly possible ...

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Sue Thompson January 2, 2020 CFO Agency, Change, Confidence, goals, Money, New Beginnings

The New Year is Here!

The New Year is here!   Its official! The New Year is here!  Are you as excited as I am? There is something so hopeful about new beginnings.   The slate is truly wiped clean ...

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Sue Thompson December 11, 2019 CFO Agency, goals, growth, Money

A New Decade

A New Decade! Do you remember when “old” people would say how time just flies by the older you get?  Well every year that goes by it truly does feel that way, and here we go ...

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