Sue Thompson October 4, 2018 Dreams, Entrepreneur, Financial, goals, growth, Journey, Lifestyle, Money, New Beginnings, Numbers, Wealth

What’s Your Biggest Pain Point?

There is typically one area where most people feel the pain of not having enough information to resolve their money issue. This year when we asked the question, the answer came ...

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Sue Thompson July 12, 2018 Clarity, Gratitude, Journey, Life, Lifestyle

The Dog Days of Summer

The Dog Days of Summer That just conjures up a picture of a big old dog laying lazily across the front porch on a hot sunny day! Taking time off is something that I have always ...

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Sue Thompson June 20, 2018 Business, Cash Flow, Decision, Finances, goals, Lifestyle, Plan

The Money is for Something!

When it comes to determining how to spend (or invest as I see it) and how to save, often times we are just choosing a number, a stab in the dark if you will. So… how do you ...

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Sue November 3, 2016 Lifestyle, Wealth, Wealth Building

The Power in Your Spending

One of the things I teach my clients is that every expenditure you make financially is an investment. An investment means you have an expectation of a return. Most of us do not ...

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Sue October 27, 2016 Lifestyle, Money

Are You Sacrificing Your Family?

I recently listened to a talk about the challenge of living a life of inspired contribution and at the same time building an impenetrable wall around your family financially.  ...

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Sue October 20, 2016 Abundance, Lifestyle, Money, Money Principles

The Game of Money

When it comes to making decisions about how to spend our money each of us has filters.  Some of those filters serve us really well and some of them are actually blind spots which ...

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Sue October 6, 2016 Finances, Freedom, Lifestyle, Mastery of Money

Are You Paying Yourself First?

For most of us there is always a story that sounds like I will when…… The truth is unless we develop the habit and make it happen, “when” rarely seems to ...

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Sue August 24, 2016 Cash Flow, Finances, Lifestyle, Money, Wealth, Wealth Building

Number One Money Skill to Know

The money is always for something.  None of us are doing our work in the world for the money. What we are doing is living out our heart’s calling  and creating the lifestyle ...

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