Sue Thompson November 5, 2015 Abundance, CFO, Commitment, Dreams, goals

Sprint to the Finish

Having entered the final 60 days of the year, we are finding ourselves in the final preparations for our upcoming financial retreat “The CFO Agency Players Club” and ...

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Sue Thompson April 2, 2015 Confidence, Finances, Freedom, goals, Money, New Beginnings, Training

Are You Stuck At 6 Figures?

Are You Stuck At 6 Figures? I was for a long time. For many years I grew my business using the traditional model of charging by the hour.  If that is your model as well then you ...

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Sue Thompson November 6, 2014 Change, Dreams, goals, Journey, Passion

Dreams Do Come True

Dreams Do Come True Have you had a dream come true?  I know I have. Typically for me, it is a very exciting and humbling time. This year for our company has been one of building ...

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Sue Thompson September 16, 2014 Abundance, Accounting, goals, Mindset, Money, Systems, Teacher

Could This Be You?

Could this be you? In the last month, I have had two new clients come to work with us.  Each running a multi six figure company, each with a bookkeeper in place. The reason they ...

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Sue Thompson June 3, 2014 Abundance, Accounting, goals, Journey, Passion, Wealth Building

How Fast Are You Rolling?

How fast are you rolling?  Have you ever tried to push a large object straight across the ground?  Or perhaps up a hill?  The hardest part is at the beginning when you are ...

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Sue Thompson March 5, 2014 Abundance, Create, goals, Kids

Your Kids and Money

Your Kids and Money The other day I was asked about good books for teaching kids about money.  It reminded me again about how valuable these lessons are for children. This Mom ...

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Sue Thompson March 4, 2014 Abundance, goals, Timeliness, Value

Team & Support Staff

Team & Support Staff Are you supported or frustrated? As the leader of your vision and your company you are holding the bar for excellence! You set the pace, the tone and the ...

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Sue Thompson January 30, 2014 goals

Stop Holding Back

Holding Back Will Cost you Money! This might sound familiar to you. One of my goals last year was to grow my company.  I went in search of a mentor who could lead me to the new ...

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Sue Thompson January 16, 2014 Abundance, goals, Gratitude, Results

Inspired Action

                 One of the gifts we received this year was a membership to our local gym.  It has been the perfect time of year to begin. We are having a lot of ...

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Sue Thompson January 8, 2014 Abundance, Coaching, Confidence, Create, goals

Something New!

Something New! We have all heard the saying that to get something new you have to do something new.  Sounds easy right?  The truth is statistically most of us will not be able ...

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