Sue Thompson April 2, 2015 Confidence, Finances, Freedom, goals, Money, New Beginnings, Training

Are You Stuck At 6 Figures?

Are You Stuck At 6 Figures? I was for a long time. For many years I grew my business using the traditional model of charging by the hour.  If that is your model as well then you ...

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Sue Thompson October 22, 2014 Abundance, Entrepreneur, Finances, Journey, Learning, Value

It’s The Little Things

It’s The Little Things When I started training for my first 1/2 marathon, I honestly did not think I would be in shape in five months to be able to do the race.  I had not ...

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Sue Thompson August 21, 2014 Abundance, Accounting, Finances, Plan, Timeliness, Wealth

An Entrepreneurs Best Friend!

An Entrepreneurs Best Friend! Want to know the secret to running a successful business? Systems I know some of you just checked out on me, but stay with me for a minute. Systems ...

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Sue Thompson July 1, 2014 Abundance, Finances, Mindset, Money

A Grand Opening

A Grand Opening Do you remember when you were first getting started? How did you let the world know you were in business? When I think back, it was all word of mouth when I first ...

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Sue Thompson June 12, 2014 Abundance, Accounting, Finances, Financial, Free Gift

Right Steps at the Right Time

Right Steps at the Right Time While each of us travels our own journey on this path called entrepreneurialism, there are some skills that are a must to master at every stage of ...

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Sue Thompson April 30, 2014 Abundance, Accounting, Finances

Did You Know

Did you know…. That most business owners earn $34,000 per year or less. That only 5% of the population earns more than $100,000 per year. That the typical lottery winner ...

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Sue Thompson April 9, 2014 Abundance, Cash Flow, CEO Club, Finances, Money


Freedom    I had a wonderful call with Rev. Karen Russo this week.  We were talking about the freedom that comes from the disciplines of financial management and planning.  I ...

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Sue Thompson March 25, 2014 Abundance, Dreams, Finances, Money

Statistically Speaking

Statistically Speaking! We attended a birthday party this weekend for a long time friend.  It was so much fun seeing some people whom I had not seen since her birthday party last ...

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Sue Thompson October 16, 2013 Dreams, Finances, Free Gift, Mindset, Passion, Results, Wealth

Minds of Financially Successful People

What if you could look into the minds of financially successful individuals and pull out exactly what you need to create Your Roadmap to Financial Independence Today? Because the ...

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Sue Thompson September 3, 2013 Accounting, Finances, Financial Literacy, Game, Passion, Results, Wealth

What is your level of resistance?

What is your level of resistance? When it comes to learning new things we all have a level of resistance that sounds something like this – new things are hard, messy, and ...

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