66Thomp March 1, 2018 Cash Flow, Decision, Entrepreneur

PayPal is NOT a Checking Account!

PayPal has done a great job at making it easy for business owners to get started with “merchant” services without the lengthy application process that most merchant providers ...

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Sue January 18, 2018 Dreams, Entrepreneur, Financial, goals, growth, Plan

Planning for Your Best Year Yet!

One of the lessons I’ve learned in life is that when it comes to our money we need to be in the driver’s seat.  The world of finance is always changing and can often ...

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Sue July 6, 2017 Abundance, Entrepreneur, Finances, Financial, Wealth Building

Financial Independence…..What Does It Mean To You?

For me, Financial Independence has always been how I define Freedom – being able to do what I want to do, when I want to do it with whom I want to do it without worrying ...

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Sue April 20, 2017 Abundance, Entrepreneur, Generosity, Joy

Some Day When……

Is philanthropy something on your list to do……someday? I know for myself, I had created a list of parameters of what it looked like to be philanthropic.  This list of ...

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Sue March 4, 2016 Abundance, Accounting, Belief, Business, Cash Flow, Commitment, Confidence, Dreams, Entrepreneur, Finances, millionaire, mindset, Money, Money Principles, Numbers, revenue, Value, Wealth

Here’s Why Your Business Isn’t Growing Like You Want

Ready to learn why it is so hard to build wealth and freedom in your business and in your life?! You say you want to make more money, but really how connected are you with your ...

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Sue February 26, 2016 Accounting, Business, Entrepreneur, Finances, Financial, Money Principles, Numbers

A Common Mistake You May Be Making

Let me start off by saying I am not a CPA or a Lawyer, and as such am not able to provide you with Legal or Tax advice.  I am, however, a business woman who has been in the ...

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66Thomp October 15, 2015 Dreams, Entrepreneur, Learning, Uncategorized

What Is Your Policy?

What Is Your Policy? You know great customer service when you experience it. Two weeks ago I had the unpleasant experience of working with Dish Network regarding my ...

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66Thomp September 3, 2015 Abundance, Accounting, Entrepreneur, Finances, Financial, Financial Literacy, Money Principles, Uncategorized

Who Are You Listening To?

It is interesting how we make decisions.  Some of us operate on instinct alone and some of us operate on data alone.  Like all things, I think solid decision making lands in the ...

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66Thomp February 19, 2015 Abundance, Accounting, Belief, Entrepreneur

7 Foundational Questions for Accelerated Growth

7 Foundational Questions for Accelerated Growth Wow I have been having so much fun interviewing this amazing panel of experts on our summit “21 Ways to Generate $10,000 OR ...

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66Thomp December 11, 2014 Abundance, Accounting, Dreams, Entrepreneur, Money, Wealth

Love Or Hate Money?

Love Or Hate Money? Do you have a love hate relationship with money? I know I do. I love it when I have it and I hate it when I don’t. What’s interesting to me is that ...

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