66Thomp March 1, 2018 Cash Flow, Decision, Entrepreneur

PayPal is NOT a Checking Account!

PayPal has done a great job at making it easy for business owners to get started with “merchant” services without the lengthy application process that most merchant providers ...

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Sue January 25, 2018 Decision, Dreams, Finances, Financial, goals, Plan

Would You Like a Crystal Ball?

Are you the kind of person who wants to know the sex of a new baby before it is born or do you prefer the mystery and anticipation of not knowing? Are you one who is diligent ...

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Sue September 29, 2016 Accounting, Decision, Life, Peace of Mind

Are you protected?

  This year has been one of many changes for us.  We launched our new brand, we have focused on improving and documenting our systems and processes for a better client ...

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66Thomp August 20, 2015 Abundance, CFO, Decision, Freedom

So You Are Making Good Money and …

So you are making good money and …. Managing money is one of those things that most entrepreneurs don’t find exciting.  Yet you know you need to be smart with it, so ...

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66Thomp July 23, 2015 Abundance, CFO, Decision

Are Your Numbers Helping You Make Good Decisions?

When we come from a space of personal responsibility, we understand that sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t.  We understand that there is always a number of ...

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66Thomp August 7, 2014 Decision, Dreams, mindset


Just STOP Whatever it is that has you spinning is the very thing that will propel you forward. For me that has been learning how to master my time management. As a chronic ...

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66Thomp July 15, 2014 Abundance, Accounting, CEO Club, Decision, Dreams

I Am Reminded Once Again

I am reminded once again… As I was visiting with my CEO clients this week, I was once again reminded of the importance of getting in front of your calendar instead of ...

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66Thomp April 2, 2014 Clarity, Confidence, Create, Decision

Decision Making

Decision Making  One of the most important skills that gets developed as an entrepreneur is the ability to make decisions.  So often we want the stars to line up just so before ...

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