Sue Thompson March 21, 2019 Beginner's Mind, Business, CFO Agency, Create, Dreams, Entrepreneur, Financial, Wealth Building

Your Inner Empire Builder

Do you have a big vision? Do you know that you are called to make a big impact in the world with the work that you do? Do you have inkling that mastering the money piece will play ...

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Sue Thompson November 15, 2018 Business, Confidence, Create, Decision, Dreams, Entrepreneur, Finances, Freedom, goals, Learning, Money, Plan

Become Intentional With Your Money

The more we can be consciously intentional with how we manage our financial inflows and outflows, the more in control we will feel. When you truly understand that you have a ...

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Sue Thompson October 25, 2018 Business, Create, Decision, Entrepreneur, Finances, Financial, Learning, Money, Plan

All About Financial Systems!

  I am so excited that you are engaging in having the money conversation. This week, we are continuing on with the second key in the Keys to Financial Management. The four ...

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Sue April 5, 2018 Create, goals, growth, Plan

Powering Up Profitability-Plan for Growth

Over the next few weeks we are going to focus on the 5 tips that you can take to power up your profitability.  Making the money is the first step AND learning to keep it and have ...

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Sue January 17, 2016 Abundance, Accounting, Cash Flow, CFO, Confidence, Create

Cash flow… what is that again?

Is it possible for our family and business????? This week I was once again reminded of how elusive the concept of cash flow is. Here are some of the things I am hearing: how do I ...

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Sue Thompson August 27, 2015 Abundance, CFO, Create, Dreams

The 7th Inning

The 7th Inning Can you picture yourself at the ball game?  Do you go home early or do you stay at the game? Here we are about to step into the final quarter of 2015. That means ...

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Sue Thompson March 11, 2015 Abundance, Create, Plan

A Commitment Of Great Proportion

A Commitment of Great Proportion When we are starting out on any new journey there is always a lot of hope, excitement  and anticipation.  This month I will be embarking on a ...

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Sue Thompson October 14, 2014 Abundance, Confidence, Create

My Greatest Teacher

My Greatest Teacher Do you remember a teacher or mentor who had a great impact on your life? I do, his name is Wayne. It wasn’t just the immense knowledge that made Wayne ...

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Sue Thompson July 8, 2014 Abundance, Accounting, Create, Curiousity

A Week of Travel, Connection and Learning!

A week of travel, connection and learning! I just returned from a certification program with Money and was privileged to be in a room of 80 entrepreneurs who are committed to ...

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Sue Thompson April 2, 2014 Clarity, Confidence, Create, Decision

Decision Making

Decision Making  One of the most important skills that gets developed as an entrepreneur is the ability to make decisions.  So often we want the stars to line up just so before ...

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