Sue Thompson June 8, 2021 Belief, CFO Agency, Confidence

Courage & Belief

As women, one of the hardest things we face is learning how to stand on our own two feet financially. Whether this happens as a result of a death, a job loss or like in my case ...

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Sue Thompson January 2, 2020 CFO Agency, Change, Confidence, goals, Money, New Beginnings

The New Year is Here!

The New Year is here!   Its official! The New Year is here!  Are you as excited as I am? There is something so hopeful about new beginnings.   The slate is truly wiped clean ...

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Sue Thompson November 15, 2018 Business, Confidence, Create, Decision, Dreams, Entrepreneur, Finances, Freedom, goals, Learning, Money, Plan

Become Intentional With Your Money

The more we can be consciously intentional with how we manage our financial inflows and outflows, the more in control we will feel. When you truly understand that you have a ...

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Sue June 15, 2017 Accounting, Belief, Clarity, Commitment, Confidence, Finances

Sometimes New Things Hurt

I went kayaking today for the first time in my life – on the ocean!  Kayaking is a big activity in Montana and I have never tried it for a number of reasons so when I had the ...

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Sue March 4, 2016 Abundance, Accounting, Belief, Business, Cash Flow, Commitment, Confidence, Dreams, Entrepreneur, Finances, Mindset, Money, Money Principles, Numbers, Revenue, Value, Wealth

Here’s Why Your Business Isn’t Growing Like You Want

Ready to learn why it is so hard to build wealth and freedom in your business and in your life?! You say you want to make more money, but really how connected are you with your ...

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Sue January 17, 2016 Abundance, Accounting, Cash Flow, CFO, Confidence, Create

Cash flow… what is that again?

Is it possible for our family and business????? This week I was once again reminded of how elusive the concept of cash flow is. Here are some of the things I am hearing: how do I ...

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Sue Thompson April 2, 2015 Confidence, Finances, Freedom, goals, Money, New Beginnings, Training

Are You Stuck At 6 Figures?

Are You Stuck At 6 Figures? I was for a long time. For many years I grew my business using the traditional model of charging by the hour.  If that is your model as well then you ...

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Sue Thompson January 15, 2015 Confidence, Pricing, Results

The Power Of Pricing

The Power of Pricing Yesterday I had so much fun during a VIP day with a client in Italy.  A woman with amazing gifts who has a heart for helping entrepreneurs to get their ...

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Sue Thompson October 28, 2014 CFO Agency, Commitment, Confidence

How Do You Decide?

How do you decide? Isn’t it amazing how fast a day can fly by! I know there are days that I have mapped out and then something happens.  The phone rings, an email comes in ...

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Sue Thompson October 14, 2014 Abundance, Confidence, Create

My Greatest Teacher

My Greatest Teacher Do you remember a teacher or mentor who had a great impact on your life? I do, his name is Wayne. It wasn’t just the immense knowledge that made Wayne ...

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