Sue Thompson April 15, 2014 Abundance, Accounting, Commitment, Responsibility

Reasons or Results

Reasons or Results One of the best lessons I ever learned was from a mentor I was working with in the 90’s, Nancy Dean.  She said, “you either have reasons or you ...

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Sue Thompson March 27, 2014 Abundance, Cash Flow, Commitment, Confidence, Dreams

Roller Coaster Income

Roller Coaster Income Do you feel like your income is not something that you can count on? Some months it’s up and some months it’s not. Are you still wanting that ...

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Sue Thompson March 26, 2014 Abundance, CEO Club, Coaching, Commitment


Birthdays In the last month I have had two clients tell me that working with me this year in the CEO Club has been their birthday present to themselves.  It has been an honor to ...

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Sue Thompson March 13, 2014 Commitment, Confidence, Learning


Commitment This word is one that so often brings up resistance.  We hear it all the time when it comes to relationships.  Today, I want to talk about it with numbers.  My ...

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