Sue Thompson May 9, 2019 CFO Agency, Commitment, Entrepreneur, goals, Learning, Systems

Communication is Always a Two Way Street

Communication Is Always A Two Way Street Have you ever had someone point a finger at you and declare “It’s all your fault!”? Or maybe you were the one pointing the finger. ...

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Sue Thompson January 3, 2019 Business, Cash Flow, Change, Commitment, Entrepreneur, Finances, Money, Money Principles, New Beginnings, Plan, Wealth Building

Tools, Systems and Structures for the New Year

Tools, Systems and Structures for the New Year Its official! The New Year is here! Are you as excited as I am? There is something so hopeful about new beginnings. The slate truly ...

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Sue Thompson September 27, 2018 Business, Commitment, Decision, Entrepreneur, Finances, Financial, Money, Plan, Wealth

Will I have enough money?

Will I have enough money? It’s a valid question. We have all watched the markets fall apart, heard about scandals happening to retirement funds, or know people who have lost ...

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Sue June 15, 2017 Accounting, Belief, Clarity, Commitment, Confidence, Finances

Sometimes New Things Hurt

I went kayaking today for the first time in my life – on the ocean!  Kayaking is a big activity in Montana and I have never tried it for a number of reasons so when I had the ...

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Sue March 4, 2016 Abundance, Accounting, Belief, Business, Cash Flow, Commitment, Confidence, Dreams, Entrepreneur, Finances, Mindset, Money, Money Principles, Numbers, Revenue, Value, Wealth

Here’s Why Your Business Isn’t Growing Like You Want

Ready to learn why it is so hard to build wealth and freedom in your business and in your life?! You say you want to make more money, but really how connected are you with your ...

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Sue Thompson November 5, 2015 Abundance, CFO, Commitment, Dreams, goals

Sprint to the Finish

Having entered the final 60 days of the year, we are finding ourselves in the final preparations for our upcoming financial retreat “The CFO Agency Players Club” and ...

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Sue Thompson July 16, 2015 Abundance, Clarity, Commitment

Time For Clarity

So you are running full steam ahead and things are progressing – just not at the pace you would like. We all know how hard it is to set time aside to sit down and get clear ...

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Sue Thompson October 28, 2014 CFO Agency, Commitment, Confidence

How Do You Decide?

How do you decide? Isn’t it amazing how fast a day can fly by! I know there are days that I have mapped out and then something happens.  The phone rings, an email comes in ...

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Sue Thompson October 16, 2014 Abundance, Accounting, Belief, Commitment, Journey, Money


Belief I know you have heard the saying, “If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?” This journey called “entrepreneurialism” is one not all ...

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Sue Thompson May 29, 2014 Abundance, Commitment, Confidence


Squirrel…. You know the commercial where the dog is talking and all of a sudden his head does a 360 and he says “squirrel” ….. This can happen to us in ...

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