Sue Thompson October 2, 2019 CFO Agency, Coaching, growth, Plan, Training

Birds-Eye View of Your Business

Are you ready? We woke up to snow on the mountains Saturday and 40-50 mph winds of cold air out of the north!  Sunday there were snow flurries in the air. Brrrrrr! We were not ...

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Sue Thompson November 1, 2018 Business, Coaching, Entrepreneur, Finances, Learning, Money, Plan, Results, Systems

Getting the Support You Need!

  Welcome back to the 4 Keys to Money Management series! This week we are diving in to what I believe is the most important key. When you wait too long to invest in it, it ...

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Sue Thompson September 24, 2015 Accounting, Coaching, Systems

It Seems To Be Unraveling…

It Seems To Be Unraveling… You know the feeling.  Things are going along great, you  are making a decision to up-level  your game and then your worst fears begin to come ...

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Sue Thompson March 19, 2015 Abundance, Coaching, Training

Making money is the easy part…

Making money is the easy part ….   It’s keeping it that is more important. AND making money work for you instead of you working for it, that is more important still! ...

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Sue Thompson July 24, 2014 CFO Agency, Coaching, Life, Systems, Teacher, Timeliness, Value

Ready to Earn What You Are Worth?

Ready to earn what you are worth? One thing I often see with women owned businesses is that charging what you are worth is a challenge. I find that part of the reason for this is ...

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Sue Thompson March 26, 2014 Abundance, CEO Club, Coaching, Commitment


Birthdays In the last month I have had two clients tell me that working with me this year in the CEO Club has been their birthday present to themselves.  It has been an honor to ...

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Sue Thompson February 6, 2014 Abundance, Coaching, Confidence, Results

Stepping Up

Keep Stepping Up! When you are planning to take on a new goal or a new activity how do you go about it?  Are you a lone ranger who likes to figure everything out on your own?  ...

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Sue Thompson January 29, 2014 Abundance, Change, Coaching

Next Step

When …. I will when….. Have you ever promised yourself you will take that next step, you make that investment, you will pick up the phone when ….. And then when ...

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Sue Thompson January 28, 2014 Abundance, Coaching, Plan


PROGRESS  –  For each of us the definition of this word will depend on what we are doing and why we are doing it.  The most important thing though is that we have ...

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Sue Thompson January 22, 2014 Abundance, Clarity, Coaching, Confidence

Confidence and the M word

If you are willing to subscribe to the thought that the way you do money is the way you do everything then there is great hope in that thought when it comes to gaining confidence ...

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