Sue Thompson July 9, 2015 Accounting, CFO, Chaos, Life

4 Reasons To Work With A CFO

It happened again….. This spring I have been travelling and speaking with different groups of entrepreneurs.  One of the things I offer to the people in the audience is an ...

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Sue Thompson April 8, 2014 Abundance, Chaos


Lost Have you ever lost your wallet?  You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach, wondering did this really happen? It is actually a test to see how well you are set up ...

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Sue Thompson October 9, 2013 Cash Flow, Chaos, Loral Langemeier, Results, Revenue, Systems, Wealth

Are you in Catch Up Mode?

Money will not come into chaos. Often when people first come to work with us they are in what I call catch up mode. Typically they have all their receipts, because somewhere along ...

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