Sue Thompson January 3, 2019 Business, Cash Flow, Change, Commitment, Entrepreneur, Finances, Money, Money Principles, New Beginnings, Plan, Wealth Building

Tools, Systems and Structures for the New Year

Tools, Systems and Structures for the New Year Its official! The New Year is here! Are you as excited as I am? There is something so hopeful about new beginnings. The slate truly ...

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Sue Thompson December 12, 2018 Change, Decision, Entrepreneur, Finances, Journey, Money, New Beginnings, Numbers, Plan, Seasons

Christmas Bells Are Ringing

Christmas bells ringing in the background… Do they bring feelings of hope and joy? Is it a time of reflection as the year is coming to a close, thinking through the things ...

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Sue May 11, 2017 Belief, Change, Journey

Next Steps

Personal development is something I fell in love with many years ago when my daughter was very young.  The transformational experience of embracing the journey of my life – ...

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Sue December 1, 2016 Change, Dreams, Value

The Truth of Renovations!

Have you ever started a project at home and your little project is all of a sudden a big one?! Ken and I are redoing the floors in our home.  They are turning out so beautiful ...

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Sue Thompson October 26, 2015 Accounting, Archetypes, CFO Agency, Change, Dreams, Money

It’s the little things…

Have you ever noticed how everything in our lives because so intertwined? Interesting, isn’t it? That’s been on my mind a lot this week.It’s the little things… When I ...

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Sue Thompson July 30, 2015 CFO, Change, Plan

Want To Be Part of the 94%?

  When it comes to operating a business with confidence the area of money is one that most people feel ineffective in.  According to APQC, 60% of business owners feel that ...

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Sue Thompson November 6, 2014 Change, Dreams, goals, Journey, Passion

Dreams Do Come True

Dreams Do Come True Have you had a dream come true?  I know I have. Typically for me, it is a very exciting and humbling time. This year for our company has been one of building ...

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Sue Thompson January 29, 2014 Abundance, Change, Coaching

Next Step

When …. I will when….. Have you ever promised yourself you will take that next step, you make that investment, you will pick up the phone when ….. And then when ...

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Sue Thompson January 14, 2014 Abundance, Change, Clarity

A Time for Change

Making decisions is an interesting process.  There is so much that goes on for us unconsciously.  It is only when we are serious about making changes in our life that we begin ...

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