Sue Thompson July 23, 2015 Abundance, CFO, Decision

Are Your Numbers Helping You Make Good Decisions?

When we come from a space of personal responsibility, we understand that sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t.  We understand that there is always a number of ...

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Sue Thompson July 9, 2015 Accounting, CFO, Chaos, Life

4 Reasons To Work With A CFO

It happened again….. This spring I have been travelling and speaking with different groups of entrepreneurs.  One of the things I offer to the people in the audience is an ...

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Sue Thompson July 2, 2015 Abundance, CFO, Numbers

The 3 Things You Want From Your Numbers

As a business owner you know that it is important to have accurate numbers, but then what?  I find that most business owners are often left confused when they are handed their ...

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