Sue Thompson August 26, 2021 Accounting, Taxes

The Mess of QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an intuit product meaning it is “intuitive” to use.  I will give them credit, they have taken double-entry accounting and made it “easy” to ...

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Sue Thompson August 19, 2021 Accounting, Money, Plan

Balance Sheet 101

When it comes to wealth building, the Balance Sheet is King! This is where we track the Assets, Liabilities, and Equity of your wealth. In my experience, this is the least ...

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Sue Thompson August 5, 2021 Accounting, Taxes


Compliance. This word can bring up all kinds of emotions. Either you know you are out of compliance and you are hoping you won’t get caught before you have a chance to clean it ...

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Sue Thompson July 8, 2021 Accounting, Belief, Money

The Money Conversation

Money is one of the least taught subjects and the least talked about subjects. The reason for this is most of us have so much emotion around money that it just isn’t ...

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Sue Thompson November 18, 2020 Accounting, CFO Agency, Systems, Taxes

Easy Tax Planning

What if tax time could actually be a time of ease? This is the time of year when the reality of our money management systems comes to light. This is when we discover if our ...

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Sue Thompson September 24, 2020 Accounting, CFO Agency, Finances, Money

Bankers Stink

I have a client with a big sign in his office that says “Bankers Stink”.  For anyone who is self-employed and has tried to qualify for a bank loan, while using the tax system ...

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Sue Thompson September 3, 2020 Accounting, Bookkeeper, CFO, CFO Agency

Choosing Your Team

Who is in your corner? Who has your back no matter what, either with a word of encouragement or is ready to roll of their sleeves and go to work right alongside of you? Teams come ...

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Sue Thompson April 27, 2020 Accounting, CFO Agency, Change, Numbers

We are back!

Talk has turned to re-opening America after four to six weeks of closure. A wide variety of emotions and responses swirl around us. What about you? Are you excited or are you ...

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Sue Thompson April 6, 2020 Accounting, CFO Agency, Numbers, Plan, Revenue

Ahead of the Curve

These past few weeks have shown us, once again, the importance of planning and reserves. These are the things that truly set us up to do our best when we have to make tough ...

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Sue Thompson February 5, 2020 Accounting, CFO Agency, Systems, Taxes

Are You Missing This Deduction?

Home Office Deduction IRS.Gov says you are missing this! This week we are covering Mistake #4: Not Taking The Home Office Deduction.  According to the IRS.Gov most small ...

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