Sue Thompson June 19, 2024 Abundance

In spite of the mess

It doesn’t seem to matter who I talk with these days there is a growing sense that something is terribly wrong and it’s really unsettling because no one seems to know ...

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Sue Thompson September 23, 2021 Abundance, CFO Agency, Entrepreneur, Plan

So Why Are We Really Doing This?

The desire to grow and learn and make a difference is inherent in most entrepreneurs I meet. Yes, there are some who have simply created themselves a job on their own terms either ...

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Sue Thompson July 22, 2021 Abundance, Money, Numbers

Is money music to your ears?

I love Jazz and I love money!  For me they both make music and they both make me happy! Music is one of those things that touch our hearts in many different ways.  One form of ...

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Sue October 26, 2017 Abundance, Belief, Dreams

Your Visions = Your Gifts

A habit is defined as a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.  Of course we can all identify the habits that we jokingly laugh at in ...

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Sue September 21, 2017 Abundance, Results

The Joy of Real Profitability

As entrepreneurs we love to talk about revenues.  How we are able to use the latest and greatest strategy or tactic and experience amazing return with great revenues.  Of course ...

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Sue July 6, 2017 Abundance, Entrepreneur, Finances, Financial, Wealth Building

Financial Independence…..What Does It Mean To You?

For me, Financial Independence has always been how I define Freedom – being able to do what I want to do, when I want to do it with whom I want to do it without worrying ...

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Sue April 27, 2017 Abundance, Mindset, Money

The Dance With Money

Money can often be such a dramatic thing for us and yet it is one of our greatest teachers. For most of us when we are not taking care of ourselves financially it is an indicator ...

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Sue April 20, 2017 Abundance, Entrepreneur, Generosity, Joy

Some Day When……

Is philanthropy something on your list to do……someday? I know for myself, I had created a list of parameters of what it looked like to be philanthropic.  This list of ...

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Sue January 26, 2017 Abundance

The Magic Pill……

Don’t you just wish that sometimes we could flip a switch and all would be as we wanted it!  One area of my life where I wish that was true is with weight loss.  The truth ...

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Sue October 20, 2016 Abundance, Lifestyle, Money, Money Principles

The Game of Money

When it comes to making decisions about how to spend our money each of us has filters.  Some of those filters serve us really well and some of them are actually blind spots which ...

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