January 17, 2016 Abundance, Accounting, Cash Flow, CFO, Confidence, Create

Cash flow… what is that again?

Is it possible for our family and business?????

This week I was once again reminded of how elusive the concept of cash flow is. Here are some of the things I am hearing:

  • how do I keep more of my money?
  • When I look online all I find are systems for investing.
    I want to know how to have more money left at the end of my month.
  • When I start to look at my situation I have a hard time wrapping my arms around the chaos, then I become afraid or angry and just walk away.
  • I keep procrastinating looking at my finances and then another month, quarter or year has gone by and I am still not clear what I achieved.

If this sounds like you the most important thing to know is you are not alone. The next most important thing to know is that financial management is a learned skill and you too can learn it, and become a cash flow expert!

At The CFO Agency , Sue defines abundance as the ability to do what you want to do when you want to do it and in the way you want to do it without worrying about the cost. Money is a tool we learn to use in order to achieve abundance. When you learn to use this tool well, you begin building wealth. There are many steps that go into learning about money not the least of which is looking at our own thoughts and actions. Please take a look at our Cashflow Checklist here.

The time to start is now, no matter where you are starting from and what you think about where you are starting from. Whether you are afraid or excited just start. Think of one thing that you could do differently this week to begin to learn how to use the tool of money more effectively so you can begin to achieve abundance for you! For ideas and a complimentary analysis to determine where you are give us a call today (406) 257- 6044!

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