February 12, 2014 Abundance

Can You Vision It?

Can You Vision It?

We have all heard the saying “take the bull by the horns”.  As a visual person that looks rather chaotic to me.  I see this very large animal swinging it’s head with me hanging on for dear life to its horns and being tossed from side to side.  In business when we start a new year or a new direction and decide to take it head on – often it can feel like hanging onto the horns of a wild bull.

Things can come at us fast and if we don’t have a strategy  for handling them then we can feel like we are going in all directions without focus.  At best this will result in mediocre results.

Now picture directing the bull with a red rug.  You are moving in a small area and the rug is dropped or lifted as is appropriate to keep the bull going in a certain direction.  This way you are controlling its motion which in turn controls the results.  The same can be true for us in business.  It is called planning.

Having a dynamic plan makes all the difference in being able to create more business and more life.  It is what gives you the security of knowing you are going in the direction you want.  Best of all, it is what gives you the confidence of knowing what to say yes to and what to say no to, so you are not being tossed from side to side.

Take a giant step forward this year and make sure you have a plan that sets you up to win. Most importantly, make sure it is a dynamic plan, one that you are using daily, weekly and monthly.

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In Abundance,

Sue Thompson
Financial Management Expert



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