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My Business Is Real!

My Business is Real!

What stage is your business at?  Are you in the beginning stages, possibly still at the idea stage?  Are you just getting started and still on the roller coaster of getting going?  Are you doing great and still not sure you are making money?

This past week we had a client join our CEO club and when she signed the contract she took a deep breath and said “Now, my business is real!”

What she was really acknowledging was her commitment to growing her company.

It was a bold step and there are many stages at which we commit to taking new action:

  • When we are first getting going
  • When we are accelerating growth
  • When we are moving into long term sustainability

The most important thing to realize is that it is a commitment to taking new actions and learning new skills.  Most of us will want a mentor or coach who has already created the results we are looking at creating, in order to step up fully and not make costly mistakes during the learning curve.  Can we make it on our own?  Sure and typically it will take longer and cost more.

The value of having a partner for knowledge, accountability and cheer leading has been proven over and over.  Every person who has created extraordinary results in their life has done so with the support of a coach and mentor.

If you are ready to grow your business so you know without a doubt that you are creating “real” income reach out and see if the CEO Club is a good fit for you.

Contact us today by scheduling a time HERE.

In Abundance,

Sue Thompson
Financial Management Expert


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