June 17, 2021 CFO Agency, Dreams, Entrepreneur, goals, growth

Burn the Ships!

Do you remember the story about the captain who sent all of his men to shore to do battle, and once the last person had arrived on shore, he ordered the ships to be burned, cutting off any chance for retreat?

Well, that is what commitment looks like.  It looks like burning the ships.  It is truly cutting off any possibility of turning back.  It is no longer giving yourself the option of choosing an out.

When we make a decision to set our stakes for a new goal or commit to learning a new skill we set off in our boat for the new shore.

Then, shortly thereafter, all those little voices in your head begin.

  • Do you really want it?
  • Can you really do it?
  • What if this time it could be different for you?
  • What if you allowed yourself to actually achieve the goals you set?
  • What if you burned your ships?
Imagine what your life would be like if you achieved the dreams and goals you set!

You see, if you truly believe that those goals are good and right for you (that achieving them will make your life, your loved ones lives and the world better), then why would you allow yourself a way out??

Typically, it’s fear, or you bump up against an obstacle. Or, worse yet, you unconsciously go back to old (detrimental) habits and now your plan is thrown out the window.  I know that is what I did for years.  I also know the internal strife it caused when my actions and my dreams did not match up.

What I have found is having a clear vision broken into achievable goals, a solid plan to work from every day and a coach or mentor to guide me through the things which have held me back in the past as well as the things which I have no knowledge or experience with are the things I need to achieve the goals I have.  I also have an amazing team to work with, and a loving & supportive family.

If you are truly ready to achieve your goals, then do yourself a favor – burn the ships!  If working with your finances in a new way is part of what you need to learn in order to achieve your goals then get in touch with me for a complimentary financial review session, so we can create a financial plan for you that will allow you to accomplish your goal!

Simply send us an email and we’ll answer your questions and get you scheduled for a call with me! Your current goals really CAN be different!

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