66Thomp Jun 22, 2017

My Perfect Day!

The weather here has finally hit its summer time stride!  Its when my mind turns to play and fun.  I love to work and I love to play so making sure I have time for both is ...

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66Thomp Jun 15, 2017

Sometimes New Things Hurt

I went kayaking today for the first time in my life – on the ocean!  Kayaking is a big activity in Montana and I have never tried it for a number of reasons so when I had the ...

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66Thomp May 25, 2017

Respectful Estate Settlement

More often than not Respectful is not a word you hear with Estate Settlement.  Of course there are a lot of emotional reasons for this and those reasons are also a part of the ...

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66Thomp May 18, 2017


Death, Disease and Divorce.  These are the three D’s my mentor talks about that are what finally get each of us to stop, slow down and pay attention.  They are often ...

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66Thomp May 11, 2017

Next Steps

Personal development is something I fell in love with many years ago when my daughter was very young.  The transformational experience of embracing the journey of my life – ...

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66Thomp May 4, 2017


This weekend we will be traveling to Bozeman to celebrate with my daughter as she graduates from Montana State University. As a proud parent, it is such a joy to celebrate this ...

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66Thomp Apr 27, 2017

The Dance With Money

Money can often be such a dramatic thing for us and yet it is one of our greatest teachers. For most of us when we are not taking care of ourselves financially it is an indicator ...

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66Thomp Apr 20, 2017

Some Day When……

Is philanthropy something on your list to do……someday? I know for myself, I had created a list of parameters of what it looked like to be philanthropic.  This list of ...

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66Thomp Apr 13, 2017

Get It Right!

The lessons can come hard and fast when it comes to money.  Just this week we had a client understand the impact of not having your numbers in order when it comes to making ...

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66Thomp Apr 8, 2017

Just For You!

We have been doing our work for a really long time and the gift in that is being able to see trends and consistent needs.  One of the biggest needs I see for entrepreneurs who ...

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