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In the last month I have had two clients tell me that working with me this year in the CEO Club has been their birthday present to themselves.  It has been an honor to hear that and what I am most excited about is the recognition these two women have had about the value of their work.

When people make a decision to work with me, what they are really committing to is their vision.  Their dream of what they want their life to be like lived out through the vehicle of their business.

Birthdays are the day we set aside to celebrate our life. The benchmark day when we look at the past year and celebrate, and then set our intentions for the new upcoming year.

Our lives are not lived in isolation, and I always marvel at how we think we can build our business’ in isolation.  I tried it for many years.  The truth is we will be able to have some success on our own.  Statistically  however, we will not reach as great a success, and it will take us longer than if we worked in collaboration with others.

Sometimes this desire to work with others shows up as wanting to grow a business in partnership with another.  Again statistically partnerships don’t work out; it’s just human nature that we grow differently from one another.  I find though people will choose this route because at some level they know then they have an out.  They will not be 100% responsible for their results.  Really what this is, is a lack of certainty about the value your work brings to those you serve.

When you are truly ready to embrace your value and are committed to doing whatever it takes to make difference in the world that only you can make, that is when you will embrace working with a mentor.  A mentor is one who walks beside you, holding you and your vision in greatness, adding strength when yours is weak, that practical voice to keep you on track when emotionally you would rather not.

So Happy Birthday to my clients, as they intentionally step fully into their vision this year!  Congratulations on your choice to share your value with all of us in a bigger way!

In Abundance,


PS  If you are thinking that this is your year to share your value with the world then contact me right now and let’s see if you are a good fit for the CEO Club.  I have a few spots still open for 2014 and the world is truly waiting for you to share.


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