December 17, 2013 Beginner's Mind, Curiousity, Wealth Building

Beginner’s Mind

A Beginner’s Mind with Money

I recently took up Yoga. It is not something I have ever done before. I have been so pleasantly surprised at how much I am truly enjoying it. The peaceful rhythm of the class is truly a joy I look forward to every week. It is one space and time I get to be still in my mind and focus internally.

As I was driving home from my last class I was reflecting on how open I am to learning this new practice. There is no expectation that I will be perfect (yes I am so very stiff – if you could see me I am sure it would be almost comical.) I am completely open and eager to learn. I do everything the instructor asks of me, trusting in her guidance, and I don’t beat myself up looking for certain results in a certain time frame.

In working with my business coach I am also eager and open however I trip myself up in accomplishing the tasks I have been given because of perfectionism. What if I could put myself in the space of a beginner’s mind like I do with yoga? Is it possible that these new business activities could be joyful and peaceful as well? I’m thinking so.

I find in working with my own clients, those who are open and willing to try no matter what it looks like or feels like are the ones who make the greatest leaps in the shortest amount of time. Again I believe it is the beginner’s mind that allows for this. That way of thinking that is open to possibility and that is eager to learn. There is a childlike curiosity not only for what is being learned but also about how they are showing up in their thinking, in their being, and in their doing. There is a playfulness without the heavy burden of could have and should have.

When it comes to money we have had so many experiences in life and not all of them are positive. This is what plays the heavy when we are stretching and learning new ways of handling money. I invite everyone into a beginner’s mind with money. I encourage you to let go of could haves and should haves and just acknowledge what is and then be open to what is possible for you. Whether it is breaking an income ceiling, learning new financial management skills, or exploring new ways of wealth development have a beginner’s mind and enjoy!

I for one am committed to a beginner’s mind. How about you? Leave me a comment below and share your experiences with a beginners mind.

In Abundance,

Sue Thompson
Financial Management Expert


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