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Back to School

Back to School

Ahhh it’s September and that means that school is back in session.  If you are like me, you still live by the rhythm of school semesters, even though it may be many years since you actually went to school full time.

The fall is that great time of year when we still have beautiful days and the nights are finally cool enough for that perfect sleep with the windows open.  It is also the time of year when things start up again with routine and vigor, just like school.

It is a perfect time to take inventory of how the year has gone to date.  What has happened as we had hoped, and look at where we need to focus more energy to have the year finish strong.

Were you learning a new skill, investing in a new area, growing a result?  

Whatever is on the list, now is the time to focus your time energy and money to increase the likelihood of achieving it!

What is important in this process is to look at what has happened from a place of what worked and what didn’t.  Don’t allow judgement about how you feel about it to enter in. The results are what they are, so now what? I find when we can stay in this space we can remain curious and creative.

For most business’ it’s a perfect opportunity to review their projections in light of their actual numbers.  

Numbers tell us a story without emotion.  They are very black and white. Were you projecting top line growth?  Maybe it was more bottom line growth. Were you launching a new product or service or securing internal process and procedures for more predictable fulfillment results?  

Whatever the goal was, it’s a perfect time to review, adjust and go at it again to ensure you finish strong at the end of the year.  Sometimes finishing strong looks like hitting the original goal, sometimes it looks like establishing a new goal and or changing the deadlines of the goal.  No matter which is the best scenario for you it is perfect.

The only thing that truly matters is that you keep going. 

This process is one we can do on our own, with the support of our team or outside support of someone who has already created what we want to create or is also in the question of creating what we want to create.  On our own we don’t know what we don’t know and we are blind to our blind spots. When we are with others we have the opportunity to hear and see new and different ways of achieving our goals.

Every year in October we bring together a small group of business owners who are ready to plan for the year ahead.  It’s a time set apart from their day to day activities in a retreat setting to inspire relaxation so creativity can truly come forward.   Being in a room with peers creates its own synergistic process where ideas can truly take on a life of their own.  

I encourage you to consider creating something like this in your life, both corporately and personally.  If you are curious about if our retreat is a fit for you give us a call. What is most important is that you give yourself the gift of planning.  Slowing down is often the best way to speed up! 

Enjoy the rhythm and beauty of September and school semesters.  

In Abundance,



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