January 11, 2018 Plan, Results

Back Into It

There are many reasons it can seem challenging to plan.  For a lot of people the idea is so foreign, believing that life always just happens and we need to just go with what is in front of us.

For others you have planned before and it didn’t turn out as you planned so what is the point.

And for others still, planning feels like a process of boxing yourself in.

The benefits I have found from planning have actually been quite liberating.  The key is to know that planning is an ongoing activity not a once and done process.  This is why I call the planning process we do as a company and the one we do with our clients a Dynamic Plan.

We all know that life does happen.  We also know there are more ways to achieve a goal than we could ever do in one lifetime. What I find so liberating about having a plan is that when life happens and or opportunities present themselves I have a point of reference by which to make the best possible decision for me.  The decision that will ultimately keep me on the path to my goal, even if it means adjusting the plan.

There are 3 phases to planning as I see it:

1.      Baseline – where are you today?

2.     Goals – What do you want to create and by when?

3.     Dynamic Plan – what are the steps you will take in the next 12 months to close the gap between where you are today and where you want to get to?

Always begin with the end in mind. Start in that place of childlike wonder where there are no limiting beliefs and ask yourself what you want to create in each of these four areas:





Once you have the big picture the next step is to back into it.  Find the things that will be worked on in the next 12 months for each of these areas.  Then break the year into quarters, then months, then weeks, then days.  How freeing to get to be totally present in your day, bringing all your creativity and skills to what is in that day because you know tomorrow has its own schedule.

What are your questions when it comes to planning?  Simply comment below!  I am happy to respond.


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