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Back to Basics!

Back to Basics!

I was reminded this week that when you are first stepping into business, knowing the business basics is not always a known thing.  Actually, when a lot of people start it just becomes what they do and is an extension of who they are.

What this looks like from a day to day operations standpoint is, you may or may not have a separate bank account, you may or may not even have a business card.  You just know that you are your own boss now and you control your calendar, and you are bringing your product or service to the world in a way only you can do.

This is an exciting time.  There is lots of creativity and high energy and you are unstoppable.  I have seen business’ operate like this for a few years.

Then comes a cash flow challenge or its time to hire or you want to launch a new product and service, and now you aren’t sure if you can.

This takes us back to the basics of business which is making money and tracking it so you are able to make decisions from it with confidence and clarity.  So you can plan forward to make sure you are on track for the lifestyle you want and the business you want to create.

Without the basics of solid bookkeeping and great systems to support you, unfortunately what I see is people just continue to spin where they are, sometimes for years, or they go for it and it doesn’t stick.

My business over the years has been affected by first my not knowing what I was doing and second by the change in the economy.  Each time I have built my business to multiple six figures, each time I was able to recover and surpass my previous income levels, was because I had the basics to grow from.  Now I am on track for seven figures and I know you can do the same thing, if you are willing to do the right things at the right time.

The basics are your foundation.  The foundation that will allow you to change as things happen, because they will happen.  The basics that you will use again and again at each stage of growth in your business.

I am certain because I have seen it over and over with my clients that without this foundation you will come back to this point over and over.  If you really want to create a long term sustainable business then make sure you have the basics in place.  Contact us today and we are happy to see if we are a good fit for you.  It is never too late to put the basics in place!

In Abundance,

Sue Thompson
Financial Management Expert


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