Sue April 12, 2018 Entrepreneur, Financial, Taxes

Powering Up Profitability: Increased Revenues with Tax Strategies

Welcome back to our series on Powering Up Your Profitability.  We are going to be sharing 5 Tips with specific action steps you can take right away!  If you missed last week ...

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Sue April 5, 2018 Create, goals, growth, Plan

Powering Up Profitability-Plan for Growth

Over the next few weeks we are going to focus on the 5 tips that you can take to power up your profitability.  Making the money is the first step AND learning to keep it and have ...

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Sue March 28, 2018 Belief, Mindset

A Message From The Ages

The joys of taking time off are many.  For me it’s the change of pace married with new experiences.  What happens on many other levels are not the reasons I enjoy taking time ...

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Sue March 17, 2018 Taxes

4 Ways to Tame Your Tax Bill

It’s that time of year again when the tax man is knocking at the door.  Are you ready? Over the next seven days I will be sharing with you “4 Ways to Tame Your Tax Bill” so ...

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Sue February 21, 2018 Taxes

Prefer an Extension

When it comes to filing taxes I find most people land really firmly in one camp or the other. File on Time or File an Extension. Truthfully there is no right or wrong answer, ...

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Sue February 15, 2018 Taxes

Tax is now in the House!

The CFO Agency is really excited to add to our suite of services CPA and Tax Filing Services.  This natural addition to our offering of accounting services allows us to now work ...

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Sue February 8, 2018 Business, Finances

What Are You Really Building?

This question often gets answered way too late in the game.  The answer is actually what you want to use for establishing all the process for carrying out your business. There ...

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Sue February 1, 2018 Cash Flow, Profitablilty

How to Keep More of the Money You Make

In January we talked about the importance of planning and the benefits of Dynamic Planning.  Now that we have that plan in place let’s talk about the bottom line! The money is ...

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Sue January 25, 2018 Decision, Dreams, Finances, Financial, goals, Plan

Would You Like a Crystal Ball?

Are you the kind of person who wants to know the sex of a new baby before it is born or do you prefer the mystery and anticipation of not knowing? Are you one who is diligent ...

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Sue January 18, 2018 Dreams, Entrepreneur, Financial, goals, growth, Plan

Planning for Your Best Year Yet!

One of the lessons I’ve learned in life is that when it comes to our money we need to be in the driver’s seat.  The world of finance is always changing and can often ...

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