October 27, 2016 Lifestyle, Money

Are You Sacrificing Your Family?

I recently listened to a talk about the challenge of living a life of inspired contribution and at the same time building an impenetrable wall around your family financially.  Statistically 50% of all entrepreneurs are earning less than they would if they had a job.  What this means is they are sacrificing their family’s financial health to be an entrepreneur.

So the question becomes how do you beat the odds?

Now that most of us live in a world where there is an opportunity for abundance, in other words you truly can succeed regardless of your age, race or sex, how do we create this balance of family and impact?

The answer lies in learning how to create positive cash flow.  When most of us hear this we think that we must make more money to create this and we are already maxed out on how we are investing our time.

The truth is there are habits that set us up to win at this.  Our habits are created from our experiences and mentors along the way.  Most of us operate unconsciously especially in the area of money because we have so much emotion wrapped up in it.  We would rather stick our head in the sand and ignore money, thinking if we don’t look at it all will work out ok.

Wondering how close (or far) you are from REALLY having money habits that can give peace of mind for both growing your business and taking care of your family?

I created this assessment just for you.  In 4 minutes you will have a clear overview of your current money habits and receive great feedback, tailor made for you based on where you are today.

Click Here to get started.  Don’t worry I’ll be with you at each step.  Education about money is lacking and I’m on a mission to change that so you are free to be at choice with money and create the impact you desire!


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