January 4, 2018 CFO Agency, Financial, Plan

Are You Ready?

Happy New Year!  I hope you had an amazing Holiday Season!  I just returned from a week in sunny Florida spending time with family.  We had a family reunion, first time in 6 years!

Bringing everyone together, 36 of us, of course took an awful lot of planning!  My mother has always been a master planner; she has taught me so many things in life, planning being one of them.

Each year I take the week before Christmas to do my planning for the upcoming year.  This year end was such a fun ride, helping so many of our clients with tax planning and in the midst of it, well; I didn’t get my own planning complete.

I’ll be honest, I was a little frustrated and teetering on feeling overwhelmed as a result.

As it turns out life unfolds so perfectly for us, better than we could ever design on our own.

On New Year’s Eve before going out to dinner and ringing in the New Year we went to see the movie “The Greatest Showman”.  It was the story of how the Barnum & Bailey Circus came to be.  There was a lot of entertainment which I truly enjoyed and of course the interesting story of how the circus began and the story of the men behind it.  There was also a message of paramount importance.

Everything we need is right in front of us.

The visions we have for our life are our greatest gift.

How we achieve those visions is the journey.  It is in walking the journey that we become who we were created to be.

I have spent many years believing someone else has all my answers.   In the movie Barnum comes to understand that chasing his vision on someone else’s coat tails is not what will bring him his vision.  In fact his vision is already unfolding right in front of him.  All he needs is already present.

Knowing that how does your planning for 2018 change?

Are you really ready to receive what is already in front of you?  If you are like me you know it is better than anything you could have ever imagined.

“The Greatest Showman” opened me up to plan with greater enthusiasm and joy.  Its not too late.  Now is the time to set the stage for 2018!

What are you planning?  Share with us so we can support you in the process! Simply comment below with your number one goal and I will hold your vision with you for the year!


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