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Are You Ready For The Players Club?


August is here which means fall is right around the corner.

Are you ready for the Players Club?

Our annual financial intensive is happening in just 6 weeks!

That’s right, from September 24-26th you have an opportunity to join us live and in person at The CFO Agency Players Club, a very special private retreat in Whitefish, Montana!

We are raising the bar on our company’s profile this year with the launch of our new brand The CFO Agency!  We are thrilled with our new brand because we believe The CFO Agency better reflects our expanded Virtual CFO Services and ensures a deeper, more all-encompassing relationship with our clients, like YOU!

This one of a kind event is designed to give you the financial platform to finish 2015 strong and go into 2016 with a foundation that will not only allow you to make confident decisions in your business, but to also KNOW you are on track for creating the lifestyle you desire.

We are committed to having the numbers in your life not only be empowering for where you are today, but also creating a solid platform for your personal wealth development.  After all, we are in business for a reason, right?  Not only do we want to impact the world with our gifts, but to also create the financial legacy that is our heart’s desire to create.

If you are ready to up-level your financial intelligence while accelerating your business and your lifestyle, then this event is for you!

In this three day exclusive event we will cover:

Day 1:   Money Management – Techniques to keep your cash flow in check and your money working for you instead of you working for it

Day 2:   Money Systems – Maximize your current systems and support so they are tailor-made for you to improve your company’s bottom line

Day 3:   Money Strategy – Strategies of the wealthy and which ones are the best fit for you based on where you are today and your personal guiding money principles

Please note, this event is not for everyone! We are looking for a few serious entrepreneurs and business owners who truly desire to up-level their life and their finances and who are ready to take action today.

We are accepting applications now.  Attendance is limited to 10 -12 individuals for whom this is a perfect fit.  Once full, the doors will close for the year.

Fill out the application and then let’s have a conversation to see if this is the best fit for you now.

In Abundance,



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