October 6, 2016 Finances, Freedom, Lifestyle, Mastery of Money

Are You Paying Yourself First?

For most of us there is always a story that sounds like I will when……

The truth is unless we develop the habit and make it happen, “when” rarely seems to show up.  Money is like time, at the end of the day (paycheck) it’s gone.  The question is, did you spend it in a way that gives you peace of mind, joy and confidence knowing you are on track for creating the life and legacy you desire?

You know how it goes.  You either plan out your day, building in space for life to happen, or you go with the flow and just let life happen.  Either way when your head hits the pillow the day is gone.  The same is true with your money.  You either have a plan for spending, that first and foremost includes paying yourself first or you spend as the bills and life needs present them self and by next month you are back to square 1 starting over again.

Begins to feel like a hamster wheel when we are feeling like life is driving us instead of us driving it.

We have all heard that no one plans to fail they simply fail to plan.  Planning is actually a skill set, which is great news!  That means it is available to all of us to learn.  So why is it such a challenge for most of us?

From my experience with 1000’s of clients, it’s because of two things.  First, there is an emotional element that gets in the way.  We all have money stories – some serve us well and some do not. Secondly, it’s a lack of knowledge and without that it is harder than it needs to be.  When we work with our clients we bring the knowledge piece and then walk with them in a step by step process to support them to a new money story that is more empowering.

Last week I was in Palm Springs speaking at The Movement Makers Playground.  It was truly inspiring to be in a room with people who were having conversations about how to have a greater impact in the world with the work they were doing.  The money piece is one everyone has questions on.  I was inspired and challenged to make my knowledge available to people on a larger scale and as such am creating a new course so more people can begin to manage this tool called money in a way that is empowering.

This course will be by invitation only for those who are truly committed to taking this on for themselves.  I am limiting attendance to 12 people to ensure each person can achieve results.  If you feel this is something you would like to know more about I encourage you to reach out and let’s talk about it to see if it’s a good fit for you.

If you are NOT paying yourself first, then I encourage you to reach out and together we can make that happen!


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