April 29, 2021 CFO Agency, Money

Are you Intentional with Money?

The more we can be consciously intentional with how we manage our financial inflows and outflows the more in control we will feel.  When you truly understand that you are at choice with every expenditure (or investment as I like to call them) you make then you will know that you are financially free.

Being free may not mean you have reached every financial goal you have set.

It does mean that you are the one in control of your financial destiny and you know it.  You are the one with the power to say yes or no to each investment you make every day.

For some this thought is frightening. It truly is easier to think you are not at choice and that your finances are controlled by others. This kind of belief lets you off the hook of making decisions, and making decisions means you are confident and capable of making good decisions for you.

I’ll let you in on a secret…

You are capable and confidence comes with learning and action. So it’s yours for the taking.

So how do you become intentional with money? It starts with knowing what you truly desire. Gaining clarity on the life that is on your heart to create for you. So often we have given up on a lot of our goals and desires. Here is another secret, your desires are a gift just for you!  Each of us has a different picture of what we desire and how we desire to get there.

Pick one desire to start with. Do your homework and put some numbers to it. Then decide (remember decision is where freedom is) what you will do to take consistent steps towards that goal.

As you take the steps you will build integrity within you. Yes there will be days and times you will be challenged as life happens in unexpected ways. This is where the intentionality comes in. From the intentional space make a decision and take action.

Remember there are no rights or wrongs, just the actions you are taking day by day.

Give it a try and let us know what you find out! If you are not sure on where to even start use our “Entrepreneurs Checklist for Managing Your Finances”, click here for a complimentary copy.

In Abundance,



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