February 8, 2013 CFO Agency

Are you following your passion?

A Quote from John Assaraf (Speaker and Co Author of The Secret)

“I’ve heard many people say “just follow your passion and the money will follow.” That’s a bunch of crap. There are many people who go broke following their passion. Earning, managing, investing and preserving money is a specialized skill that requires learning how and what to do and when. This is why so many people who follow their passion go broke. Learn how to do both and the world will be your oyster!” John Assaraf
John Assaraf is right on the money!  In my experience working with many business owners the ones who succeed are the ones who learn to create financial management systems (an approach where you repeat the same process over and over and get better and better results). Whether you learn this skill by doing it yourself or hiring an expert is a question you must answer by what is the highest and best use of your time.
Yet we all know that having a great system is still not enough.  It is essential that you learn how to read your numbers so that you are able to make sound decisions based on fact and not emotion.  Do you know:
  •           how to price your product and services,
  •          what your costs are and how to control them,
  •           how to forecast revenues
  •           what growth points are critical to watch so you know when to increase staff, decrease staff and all the   costs and procedures that are associated with bringing on new people.
In my 35 years of financial services experience having an outside set of eyes to asses these skill sets and systems with you is invaluable (yes even I have someone look at my numbers).  Having an outside expert that is not as emotionally attached to your numbers so that you do not deceive yourself is a critical wealth building step.
The good news is you can achieve financial freedom and debt relief!  Call or email me directly for a free report and  a free consultation to start the conversation  of changing your financial future for the better!
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